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Safety net
Safety net
Safety net
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Safety nets are securing the construction of a building or securing construction workers, while working at altitude, and from falling debris of buildings during the building process is being worked on. Building safety nets are made from a choice of mining that is strong and can last long, so can hold up to 100 killo more. For the choice of safety net materials, including nylon mine, PP mine, PE mine and manila mine.
Mandiri tent partners is a business engaged in the production, sales and distributors, all kinds of tents, plastic and fabric tarpaulin materials, all types of nets, promotional items etc. Serving retail or even large quantities of orders at wholesale prices.Workshop Address:
Jl. Gedong panjang no. 22D Rt.05 / 10 Kel. Pekojan Kec. Tambora, West Jakarta.

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