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Project net prices
Project net prices
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Building netBlue polynet project net is a safety net that is used in the implementation of a project for the construction of buildings, houses, toll roads or other buildings. Which are installed outside the side of the building To hold or protect from the collapse of building debris, building equipment and workers in the event smallMitra mandiri tent is a distributor, sales and production of all types of building project nets.Serving and accepting orders in large scale or in small scale according to the size specifications requested. Immediately visit our work shop to get the best price offer with quality products and prices affordable.Work Shop AddressMitra Mandiri TendaJl. Gedong Panjang no.22D Rt. 005 Rw. 010 Kel. Pekojan Kec. Tambora, West Jakarta.Mobile / Wa: 082188881586/08170768180Phone: 021 - 6901339Email:

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