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Tent tents are one type of equipment that is often used in scouting activities that can accommodate 10-12 people. For the tent tent we use iron black pipe so that the strength of the tent frame is stable, in the choice of materials available stock of local and imported materials of the highest quality and economical prices. When ordering camping tents want to include / attach a brand, logo and school name, etc., we provide screen printing services at competitive prices and guaranteed screen printing quality.Mitra mandiri tent is a specialist tent custom, distributor and sale of all types of the largest tents in Jakarta. The products we sell include folding tents, pyramid tents, cone tents, sarnafil tents, roder tents, membrane tents, platoon tents, squad tents, garden tents, garden umbrellas , beach umbrellas, parasol umbrellas, cloth canopies, project nets, motorcycle bags, plastic sheeting, pvc, terpaulin, canvas etc.Please visit our work shop to get the best deals and prices with good quality products and affordable prices.Work Shop AddressINDEPENDENT PARTNER TENTJl. Gedong Panjang no.22D Rt. 005 Rw. 010 Kel. Pekojan Kec. Tambora, West Jakarta.

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