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2x2 folding tent
2x2 folding tent
2x2 folding tent
2x2 folding tent
2x2 folding tent
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2x2 folding tent is a type of flexible tent, with a tent installation system that is very easy. Just pull the frame of the tent and lock all the corners of the pole, folding tents are ready and neat within 1 minute. 2x2 folding tent is one of the tents that are very ordered because easy to install, and easy to carry in a private vehicle.
Mandiri Tent Partners is a company engaged in the production and sale of all types of tents and sizes of tents, plastic sheeting materials, fabric tarps, project nets, garden umbrellas, promotional umbrellas and all kinds of promotional tent forms etc. Providing competitive prices and quality production best, here are the specifications of the material and frame of the folding tent:Folding frame specifications1. Frame of tent from black iron (hollow)
2. Frame has been coated with stainless paint (dabel coting)
3. The hinges use thick plastic, so they don't scratch the stainless steel layer.Choice of ingredients1. flexi material (280,340,440 gsm korea) german 410 gsm
3.met (340 and 440 gsm)
4. terpaulin (orcid)
5. etc.Workshop Address:
Jl.Gedong panjang no.22D RT. 005 RW. 010 Kel. Pekojan Kec. Tambora West Jakarta.

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