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Paddock folding tent 3x6
Paddock folding tent 3x6
Paddock folding tent 3x6
Paddock folding tent 3x6
Paddock folding tent 3x6
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Peddock folding tent 3x6 is a tent that has a folding system at the time of installation and closing, with a flexible frame and a layer of paint coting so that the surface of the paint is not easily damaged in routine use. For this type of tent cover we have many choices of materials suitable for folding tents paddock starting from Korean material D600.D300.pvc printing.sablon etc.The quality of this folding paddock tent has a lot of iron structure so that it has a sturdy tent durability, easy to install / practicalwork on the paddock folding tent is done directly with the specialists so that the tent has a quality tent leaves that are neat and strong.the price of our folding paddock tents provides wholesale prices, of course not just any wholesaler + we give you cheap economical prices.Mitra mandiri tent is ready to accept orders in small or large quantities and is ready to be distributed throughout Indonesia with guaranteed quality and economical prices.Workshop AddressINDEPENDENT PARTNER TENTJl. Gedong Panjang no.22D Rt. 005 Rw. 010 Kel. Pekojan Kec. Tambora, West Jakarta.* Paddock tents

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