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Plastic sheeting
Plastic sheeting
Plastic sheeting
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Plastic sheeting is one of the PE material that has been coated with a leak-proof and UV sheeting in the form of sheets, and is widely used for drying rice, goods cover in car tanks, roof tents and many are used for fish ponds, etc. Our tarpaulin brand market is a good quality tarpaulin brand, not brittle quickly and affordable tarpaulin prices.
For custom tarpaulin orders with a lot or even a little demand we are ready to produce according to the desired order and for the types of tarps we offer, starting with A2 tarps, A3 tarps, A5 tarps, A8 tarps, A12 tarps, A15 tarps and A20 tarps. For the choice of tarpaulin colors we provide many color choices according to demand.
Visit our workshop immediately to get the best price deals with tarpaulin products of good quality and affordable prices.
Workshop Address:
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Jl. Gedong Panjang no.22D Rt. 005 Rw. 010 Kel. Pekojan Kec. Tambora - West Jakarta.
Mobile / Wa: 082188881586 - 08170768180
Phone: 021-6901339

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